5: Familiarize yourself with the Exam

Getting to know the exam format and structure well is the first step in preparing for a high score. Get to know how many sections are there and what will be tested in each section will be a great advantage too. The DAT has six sections, the biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, reading comprehension, perceptual ability and quantitative reasoning.

4: Make a Study Plan

Chart a schedule before you begin studying. Plan on how many hours you are going to study per day and how many topics per week. Know how many days you have before your exam and plan everything accordingly. Decide whether you are going to be studying on your own or taking up a prep class. If you prefer the latter, then what course are you taking and at which institute? Talk to your friends who have taken the exam already and find out the best prep class. Buy all the prep materials and study studying well in advance. Preparation should be simulated in real time. When you write sample tests for a computerized exam, you will not have enough practice. So, buy books like Kaplan or the Princeton Review guides that have CD ROMs that have practice tests that look very much similar to the actual test.

3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Lots of practice will help one pass any kind of examination but practicing the right way will make one a winner. You have to know the standard and frequent questions and practice them more often. The science concepts should be thoroughly read and understood. The perceptual ability is another section that needs complete understanding and loads of practice. Practicing reading quickly will also help for the reading comprehension section. Faster calculation and efficient problem solving are essential for scoring well on the quantitative reasoning section.

2: Effective Time Management

While taking standardized tests that come with rigid time constraints, you have to manage your time strategically. Learning proper time management will not only help you answer many questions, it will also make you answer more questions correctly. If you cannot answer a question, worry not! You can skip and get back to it later on when you have time. Avoiding spending too much time on one question will save you lots of time to answer the others. Use time management tactics even while practicing so they will help you during the actual test. Have a timer while taking a practice test and this will ready you to take the actual test with a greater consciousness of the ticking clock.

1: Come Up with a Test Strategy

To complete the test quickly and successfully, you need a test strategy. Not only does it help you complete the test on time but also makes you answer most questions correctly and get a good score. Even when you come across questions you do not know, you must be able to answer most of them right. Having a proper test strategy helps you overcome all problems in the test.

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